…where the ethereal meets the earthly, where the spirits linger. Prepare to be captivated on this magical evening as you embark on a journey, escorted by Mistress Rose, through the enigmatic abode of renowned Paranormal Investigator Edgar Sinclair. Limited seats available!

4 Complimentary Hand Crafted Themed Cocktails

Sip on libations crafted by expert mixologists, carefully infused with mystique and allure. Each concoction will transport you deeper into the ethereal world. Tickets are required and availability is limited.

Why? How? What?

Why does Spirit Mansion exist?

People need something fun to do that’s new, adult oriented, and affordable. Sitting at home all day binge watching the same tv series as the rest of the world… it’s just not cutting it. It’s time to go out again, see something real, feel something, and let’s face it a movie theater doesn’t count, escape rooms are “lame”, and drinking at the bar and club… well that’s just same old same old.

How does Spirit Mansion work? 

It’s a live reality interactive cocktail show filled with drama, comedy, and adventure. Crazy lights, special fx, and a perfectly curated music set. 4 separate stories and a cocktail paired with each one. It’s a seated show that runs 70-90 minutes and the overarching theme is paranormal, because, why not?

So what is Spirit Mansion exactly?

You’ll enter into a transformed venue — maybe it’s a concert hall, a playhouse, a theatre, a wedding venue, an actual MANSION. Either way, by the time you arrive it’ll be Spirit Mansion. The music will be driving, the air thick with fog. Consumed by lights and sound. You’ve been transported to an entirely new atmosphere. Depending on when you arrive, the show will begin shortly, but not before receiving your first hand crafted themed cocktail. Perfect for the first act. And this won’t stop until the 70-90 minute show ends, you’ll receive a total of 4 full sized themed cocktails. A combination of Vodka based delicacies specifically designed to enhance your experience. There’s brief intermissions between the acts so it’s a great socializing event. Some of the acts involve crowd participation and all of the acts will make you think, feel, laugh, and drink.

Cool, I’m in, what’s next?

Check the tickets page now to find the perfect showtime for you. Tickets are limited availability and it’s one weekend only.

I have more questions.

While we CAN’T answer the meaning of life, why we dream, or if there’s a pattern behind prime numbers.. we CAN answer questions about the show! Check out the detailed FAQ on the About page and if you can’t find your answer there, do not hesitate to reach out on our Contact page.